Q: When will it be operational?

A: We are working closely with our contractors on the installation of the CCTV – the poles are in place in Coronation Square and the brackets are on the Guildhall and Royal Mail PH.  Internal cabling is in place -we are awaiting electrical connections by UKPN which we have been advised should take place early January.  Our contractors are working to install the cameras on the Guildhall and the Royal Mail PH so that they are operational prior to Christmas.


Q: Can the CCTV cameras see into my house?

A: No the system has privacy masking and will be set not to see into any private dwelling.


Q: Who will monitor the system?

A:  Kent police any other authorized and approved personnel. If you are victim to or witness a crime which you believe may be captured by the Lydd CCTV then please report the crime to the Police so that arrangements can be made to view and download the images.


Q: What is the purpose of CCTV?

A: Our system is being installed to prevent antisocial behaviour and crime which will then reduce crime in the area.


Q: Will there be any more cameras added?

A: The system has been designed to allow for more cameras to be added as and when the need arises.


Q: What type of incident will be captured?

A: Any unlawful act which incriminates the person(s) giving the ability to produce hard evidence therefore reducing time spend gathering evidence and court time which in turn reduces opportunist crime


Q: What happens if a camera breaks down will the system be left un-operational for a period of time?

A: No our system will be on a maintenance plan from our contractor so it will be serviced at set intervals throughout the year and they will be on call out should the need arise.


Q: Who do I contact if I witness any crime that I think it may be on CCTV?

A: You would still need to contact Kent police the same as you would have previously, if you make the attending officer aware you feel it’s on cctv they can go back and view the footage.


Q: What will the system not be used for?

A: It will not be used to gather information on people going about their lawful business. To encourage confidence all cameras used by the CCTV Operation at Lydd are overt and their presence is clearly indicated by signs covering the CCTV area.


Q: Are any of the cameras false?

A: No definitely not. All the cameras are real and are capable of sending live picture back to the control room. Fake cameras are soon discovered as being just that and deflect from the operational effectiveness as a whole.


Q: What cameras will be used?

A: We will be using Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras which have the capability of being controlled from anywhere one sees suitable with the addition of being able to roam preset tours.


Q: Who do I contact if I have a specific question on the CCTV System.

A: If have a Specific question you can email