All full council meetings are held on the first available Monday of the month in the Guildhall Chamber and commence at 7pm unless otherwise advised. There is no Council meeting in August.

On Monday 18th June 2018 it was resolved that the submission deadline for public questions be 12 noon. Any public questions should therefore be submitted to the Guild Hall by 12 noon on the day of the Council Meeting.


8th January                  Town Council and Planning & Environment

5th February                Town Council and Planning & Environment

5th March                     Town Council and Planning & Environment

April                             There will not be a Town Council Meeting in April

14th May                      Town Council and Planning & Environment

21st May                      Annual Statutory Meeting, Mayor Making

4th  June                     Town Council

2nd July                      Town Council

3rd September              Town Council

1st October                   Town Council

5th November               Town Council

19th November             Special meeting to discuss the budget strategy

3rd December             Town Council and Planning & Environment


7th January                 Town Council

4th February               Town Council

4th March                    Town Council

29th April                     Annual Town Meeting

20th May                      Annual Statutory Meeting, Mayor Making

In addition to the above scheduled meetings Planning & Environment meetings will be called to discuss applications at 11am on the Monday following the Council Meeting. Amenities and Personnel Committee meetings (and their sub-committees) will be scheduled in accordance with their Terms of Reference or as required.