Personnel Committee – Terms of Reference


To consider and deal with all matters affecting staffing issues except where the overall staffing budget will be exceeded. In such cases the Committee will make a recommendation to Full Council. The Committee has delegated authority to resolve personnel issues, including contracts of employment, pay scales, recruitment training, redundancy, grievances and disciplinary matters.



5 Councillors who will be elected, or re-elected, at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council.
The Town Mayor (Chairman of the Council) and Deputy Town Mayor to be ex-officio members of the Committee.
The Committee to have a maximum of 7 Members.



1          The quorum of the Panel shall be a minimum of 3 Councillors.

2          The Committee shall meet a minimum of 4 times per year with the ability to meet additionally as and when required.

3          The Committee shall elect a Chairman at the commencement of its first meeting after the Annual Statutory Meeting of Full Council.

4          The Chairman of the Committee shall have a second or casting vote in the case of an equality of original views.

5          Meetings of the Committee will be held without press or public present and without public notice as the content of discussions fall under Standing Order 36. 

All reports, documents and correspondence will remain confidential within the Council.

6          The Committee is directly responsible to Full Council.


DETAILED REMIT to include –

1          To provide a route for consultation with all personnel, via the Town Clerk,   and if after appropriate discussion with the Town Clerk, to discuss staff matters informally with the Personnel Committee

2          To provide a route for consultation with all Councillors on staffing issues.

3          To review and to advise on the numbers of personnel needed for the agreed operation of the Council.

4          To undertake the recruitment of personnel in conjunction with the Town Clerk.

5          To review and agree the terms and conditions of employment as required.

6          To review and to advise on development and training needs

7          To authorise increments and cost of living awards within the agreed budget.

8          To determine, with appropriate advice as necessary, any grievance or disciplinary issues relating to staff or Councillors